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Beer League

Tasting, evaluating and judging craft beer in a league format

Beer League
Beer League

I am excited to announce the inaugural monthly event known as BEER LEAGUE! Far better than any known club, this exclusive event is a competition between beers, with each attendee awarded judgeship. Here's how it works: Rules: Arrive at the host's venue with a light snack that goes good with quality beer (Like some of your favorite craft beers?).  You are given 1 event beer to drink (other beers will be present but this is the feature beer of the evening).  At the selected time, each person drinks the beer.  Judging is on the beer judge certification program sheet, covering aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, and overall impression.  Max points available is 50.  

After a few months, the league features a "catch-up" opportunity for beers that did not fare well in their league month.  Breweries can "influence" their place in the standings by sponsoring a 2nd tasting of another beer.  Based on results, this can improve ranking by adding 1 ~5 points to their original score.  This is a 12 month league, so there is opportunity available.  Contact to arrange.

Standings will be posted each month.  May the best beer win!  

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