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Beer League - March First Brewing kicks it off

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

March First Brewing
Beer League

In a basement of a home in Union, KY, just south of Cincinnati, an event called Beer League was kicked off. As it was early March, and NCAA March Madness was in full swing, it was only fitting that Beer League kick off with one of Cincinnati's craft beer favorites, March First Brewing Red Ale. With rules understood by the new League members, plenty of snacks and pre-game beers going down, and the official scoring explained, it was time to judge.

March First Brewing Red Ale

Beer League comments: "Malty, but good color." Strong aroma" , "Over carbonated", "Strong", "Heavy head, but a clean finish". Overall, comments were mostly positive for this first round pick served in bottles.

Beer Scoresheet

There are five categories on the

score-sheet. Aroma (12 points), Appearance (3 points), Flavor (20 points), Mouthfeel (5 points), and Overall Impression (10 points) for a max of 50. There are comment sections for each.

March First, March Madness

So, March First Red Ale scored a 34. Nearly 2/3 of the beers opened foamed, so the initial league setting got a bit messy. We persevered through the foam and drank them all. The highest marks were in flavor, and the lower scores came from aroma.

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