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Beer League - Month 2

Rhinegeist review and Beer vs. Beer Challenge

After a great first month, it took forever to get to month 2 and get Beer League going with some added fun. This month, we featured Rhinegeist Cheetah Lager and graded it out. We also decided to do a blind taste test. That's a new twist we added due to feedback from some of the Beer League members. It took the test beer (which had not been unveiled yet to the members) versus a mass produced lager (in this case, Corona Light). Surprisingly, the tastes were somewhat similar with subtle differences.

Blind taste test...Rhinegeist Cheetah vs. Corona Light!

After the tasting, all votes were tallied and the overwhelming winner was Rhinegeist, gathering 80% of the vote.

Taste Test of Lager
Lager vs. Lager taste test

Now to the Beer League, sponsored this week by Beerpiece

After a few pre-League beers to cleanse the palate, League play was ready to begin. Each league member was handed a Rhinegeist Cheetah and the official Beer Judge Certification Program score sheet and it was time to drink and focus.

Support your local business,
April's sponsor,

So, how did the beer do? It was judged pretty consistently among the league members. Overall, 34.2 out of 50. Interestingly, it ranked just above last month's beer, March First Red Ale, which scored a 34. After two months, the standings are tight! Each brewery has a chance to influence the standings. Next month will be a new entry and new sponsor. Contact me for further details.

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