The Bircus Circus

Imaging having mad Circus skills...juggling, trapeze, and showmanship...but where can you display these during a pandemic? Bircus is known for just that. Bircus has been around...and while they have always had great beers, the Circus-like atmosphere drew people in as well. Juggling and other skill classes continue, entertainers are starting to come, and now the Bircus team has introduced Pickleball. If you don't know pickleball, it is a growing sport and on certain times, it is open court for players.

I showed up on Wednesday and I got a few games of pickleball was fun, good crowd and the pizza...truly fantastic. I started the evening with a Irreguliner, a raspberry-lime fruited Berliner style. Rolling in a 4.5% ABU, it was a good beer to go with my attempt at physical activity. With an IBU of 3, it was flavorful, smooth and really no detection of hop. Berliner styles are typically wheat based, so I need to get more detail on this brew as I did not notice any "weizen" smell or taste to this. So, I will have to return...try some more pickleball... and wash down my effort with this light, refreshing beer. Thanks Bircus!

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