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Urban Artifact Brewery

Cincinnati Craft beer created in a historic old church

When you roll up on Urban Artifact, you convince yourself that you are not at the right place. There sits an old stone church. You look around and see a small sign that points to the side. It says Urban Artifact, you must be in the right spot. You slowly enter the doors and head to the stairs. And there it is, the taproom. You amble over to the bar, scan the list, and order up a tart fruit beer. First choice is a Pinwheel. A refreshing orange Gose. You notice the unique types, colors, the steins behind the bar, the shirts, all kinds of attention getting areas for the eyes to wander and take in. You take that first sip, and you are impressed. This is craft beer Cincinnati.

Craft Beer Cincinnati

Urban Artifact resides in the lower level of historic St. Patrick’s church in the north-side of Cincinnati. The brewery is in an old church gymnasium behind the stone church. There is outside seating with lighting and it creates a comfortable and private space where craft beers can be enjoyed. The upper sanctuary space is still used for special events, just as it has been since 1876. The lounge provides plenty of seating with capacity of over 100. There is space for live music, though I left too early during my visit to see the band.

Urban Artifact’s website states they specialize in tart and wild beers- totally true. I did not find one dark beer on the menu. I sampled several with a flights and bites pairing of cheese from Share Cheesebar and beer. The cheese was unique and flavorful, and complimented the beer which was outstanding. I focused on two beers I found very appealing – SqueezeBox (strawberry sour) and Sliderule (chocolate-raspberry Gose) and had one of each. They went down smooth. This would have been perfect in hot weather.

Cincinnati Ohio Craft Beer

Urban Artifact- drinking in the history

I recommend a visit to Urban Artifact Brewery. It would be a great candidate for Beer League. The location is amazing, and the beer is quite unique. I ordered a Wildfire pizza from their outside food menu and it was done well. There is plenty of seating at the bar, tables or booths. There are games near the entrance. I think I saw Battleship. The cooler is stocked with a nice to-go selection, and there is ample room for people to walk around or stand. There is a stage for bands. There are not a lot of windows, so natural lighting isn’t strong, but that is not an issue due to the historic location you are in. When you think of all the history of the building you are in, its really pretty cool. Go find out for yourself. Urban Artifact, Cincinnati craft beer.

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